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Too much data?

Big data is key in the life sciences and leveraging this data can sometimes be a challenge. Our team includes experienced Bioinformaticians and Chemoinformatics who can assist with designing experiments to ensure you get the most from them, writing pipelines for routine analysis and completing complex and integrated analysis.

BioInformatics Case Studies

Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is medical care that is designed for specific groups of patients based on their genetic or molecular profiles.  Identifying sub-populations, and their genetic characteristics, is an important part of modern drug discovery. Our pipeline takes your disease area enquiry and produces annotated subpopulations using complex multi-omics dataset.

BioMarker Identification

BioMarkers are important for Diagnosis, Prognosis, Monitoring & Drug development. Advances in molecular techniques mean we are now able to identify BioMarkers Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics & Metabolomics analysis.

Genome assembly & annotation

Genome assembly and annotation are important elements of both disease surveillance, outbreak control and target Identification (for pesticides and bacterial/viral infections). We can assist with genome assembly from a variety of sequencing platforms and subsequent annotation for plants, bacteria and viruses.

AdHoc Analysis

We cannot cover all of our skills in one set of case studies. We would also love to talk to you about: Whole Exome Sequencing, RNAseq, ATACseq, CITEseq, scRNaseq, proteomics, PheWAS, GWAS, SNP & SNV identification, CRISPR/RNAi data analysis, Statistical genetical analysis, somatic and germline mutation data, survival analysis, protein structure prediction & modelling.

Chemoinformatics Case Studies

Medicinal Chemistry

Our medicinal chemists have extensive experience and are available to discuss all queries relating to Chemistry campaign design, Hit-to-lead expansion and subsequent lead optimisation, fragment-based drug design, Mimetics, Bioisosteres, PK/PD optimisation, BBB penetrability, selectivity optimisation, Preclinical safety package design, Patent extraction, writing, & strategy, SAR analysis, Competitor compound analysis and synthetic route optimisation.

Chemical Synthesis

Chemical synthesis is a complex and expensive process. Our team can assist or advise on various stages of this process including cost-effective planning, feasibility assessment, reaction optimisation, orthogonal protection, green chemistry, NMR/LCMS analysis, outsourcing & automated purification.