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About Us

Who we are & who we help

Logan BioInformatics (LBI) provides bioinformatics consulting services across the life science industry. Our main areas of expertise focus in Drug discovery, Agrotech & Fundamental research.

LBI consultants have a minimum of 5 years experience, typically with Doctorates in their fields of expertise. Our consultants comprise of Bioinformaticians, Principle & Clinical Scientists, Chemists, Data Scientists, DevOps and Research Managers.

Facilitating our customers’ activities

We can facilitate clients work flows by offering;

  • senior advisory on strategy and decisions
  • short term staffing solutions in response to increased workload
  • short term staffing solutions in response to specific technical need
  • bounded project work (such as product or workflow design and implementation)

Due to the experience level of our consultants they can enter a project team and add value with little to no lead time. We support five main areas of our clients’ work processes; Product design and management (include DevOps & application development), Project management, Data Science, Chemistry & Informatics.


Bringing in a team of experience experts is an efficient solution to tricky problems.


We’re all nerds at heart and this results in a commitment to understanding and problem solving until the project is completed.


Years of experience across multiple industries provides a unique perspective and insight that can benefit all stages of life science projects.

Grace Logan, PhD

Co-Founder, Senior Bioinformatics Consultant

Oliver Huish

Senior Software Engineer

Emmanuel Logan-Moll, PhD


Clare West, DPhil

Principal Scientist and Data Lead

Sarah Watters, PhD

Senior Research and Innovations Manager (Health/Translational Science)

Timothy Katte, PhD

Computational Drug Designer

Richard Nkulikiyinka, MB BChir

Pharmaceuticals Executive. Clinical Developer

Josh Almond-Thynne, PhD

Medicinal Chemist & Data Scientist