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Data Solutions

Data Strategy

Storage and integration of large datasets is a challenge facing many life science industries. Ensuring data is accessible, integrated & searchable requires a defined data strategy. We can assist with the design and implementation of your data, within existing infrastructure or remotely hosted, across the five main areas outlined below.

  • 1. Requirement definition The goals for the data warehouse (data type(s), scalability, security) and choose an appropriate platform (on-premises / cloud-based). Align with future company strategy to insure the solution is future proofed. 
  • 2. Schema design Define how different types of data will be organized and stored, and design appropriate Extract, transform, and load (ETL). 
  • 3. Load & test Load preliminary data into data solution and test for current use cases.
  • 4. Deploy Deploy the data storage solution and strategy within the larger organisation.
  • 5. Monitor & Maintain Monitor usage & pinch points arising. Ensure relevant backups and redundancy in place. Review and evolve strategy in response to arising needs. 

Data Science

Data Visualisation

Data visualization can help us understand complex data by allowing us to identify patterns and trends that would be difficult or impossible to see. Data visualization is a powerful way to communicate data insights to others in a clear and concise way. Visualizations can help to make data more accessible and understandable to people with different levels of technical expertise. These two elements combined allow us to Make better decisions from data.

Whether you need assistance in data visualisation for data exploration, model evaluation or wider communication we are here to help!

Pipeline Automation

Time efficiencies can be found with the productionisation of routine data analysis pipelines. We can help your team complete an analysis for the first time (including pipeline conception, design & testing). We can also help you productionise established pipelines to speed them up and make them more resilient. All pipelines can be written as a module to run within your own infrastructure or we can host a solution for you.

Dashboards & Apps

Allowing data analysis to be accessible to colleagues and clients is a key part of data science. To this end the design and implementation of Dashboards & Apps to communicate data & data visualisations can be a key part in work processes. We can assist with UX to identify & define requirement and product development, deployment and management to provide a solution.